As a small business owner it’s important to publish the blog post on a regular basis. It’s the credibility for your business in your niche and integrated part of your content marketing strategy. Your reader needs a reason to coming back again to your website. By providing fresh, interesting and relevant content you can do that.

Now it’s hard to come up with idea of blog post which can be fascinating and engaging. sometimes you feel like you don’t have anything to write a post. Here is the help. A list of Blog Post Idea you can write about which will help to get traffic and engagement. 

1. Share success story.
2. List of best tools or app for the business person in your industry.
3. Answer most frequently asked questions. (Maybe in a set)
4. How to do the thing (Relevance to your industry)

For example Real estate business
How to do buy a house?
How to buy a house with bad credit
How to buy a house with bad credit first time home buyer
How to calculate house property tax
and so on

5. A list of people to follow on social media.
6. Step by step post ( Process of doing a thing in your industry)

Like: Education consultant
Harvard application process
applies to scholarships
and many more.

7. Write about what not to do (Relevance to your industry)
8. Update about your company.
9. A recent event you attained.
10. List of popular quote that inspired you.
11. Interview an influencer in your industry.
12. Case study.
13. Showcase new feature of your product.
14. Write about history of your industry.
15. Review non-competitive products.
16. Run experience on your product and share the result.
17. Give away a freebie.
18. Write an open letter to your audience.
19. Talk about your competitors.
20. Mention a popular blog post in your niche.
21. Stirring up controversy.
22. Discuss future plan.
23. Tips & Tricks.

Except for those, you can do a blog post on many other stuff. Just keep that in mind you need to give value to your reader. Ideal business blog –

Give value,
Give value,
Give Value,
And Give value
Then ask for the business.

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